Have you ever reached that point where you’re so consumed by a book that literally nothing else matters anymore and all you want to do is read and not study or do anything productive because none of it matters anymore because THIS BOOK

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Drawing inspiration from architecture, takmaj’s (majozaur on Tumblr) striking watercolors are delightful explorations of the world around us!

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When you’re reading a book and you come to a part that makes it hard to breathe, and you slowly close the book and put it down for a moment while you scream inside because you know that reading the next several hundred pages will be the most stressful experience of you life thus far… and then you take a deep breath and pick up the book again.


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So my teacher told us that two blue eyed people can’t have a brown eyed kid and this kid in my class said “but both my parents have blue eyes and I have brown eyes”.  The teacher said “so you’re adopted”.  THe next day the kid came in and told us that he confronted his parents about it and that they said he was adopted but wanted to wait for the right time to tell him.  


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